is the most reliable ZIP code database for all U.S. and Canadian cities. On the website you will find every U.S. and Canadian postal code. There are several features that allow you to carve out sales territories and view the ZIP code boundaries. There are free ZIP code finders on all data base,and you can equally find Radius Search and Distance Calculator.

The data base is updated every month with licensed postal service data. You can find ZIP codes for cities, states, counties, MSA, CBSA and several other geographical regions. The boundary data allows you to get the boundaries of any Zip Code or counties in the United States or Canada.

The Zip code platform is very important because of the wide use of Zip codes for several important purposes. Zip Codes are known to be solely responsible for the automation of the entire United States post office mail handling. These Zip codes have made it possible for about 600,000,000 pieces of mail to be delivered every business day with each mail delivered in less than 24 hours to any location in the United States.

Zip codes have eliminated the stress and time it took in past years for mails to get to their destinations. With this online tool, finding the Zip codes of all cities and counties in the United States has become a lot easier, which makes the dispatching of mails and all other packages quite easy and quick. Gone are the days when it took as long as 20 working days to deliver mails from coast to coast riding on fast horses. Those days, it was common to spot ads in the dailies that read “young, skinny, wiry fellows not older than 18 wanted for employment; qualifications must be a fast and expert horse rider willing to risk death daily”. These days, no one needs to risk any deaths as mails no longer need to be delivered by horse riders. With, you can send your mail to any address and find lots of information about any city.