The window installer XML toolset is free software that builds window’s installer packages from XML code. Wix toolset integrates seamlessly into build processes. Wix is a website builder that has millions of registered users. Its popularity has increased and now most people are beginning to ask “what makes this tool so interesting? Well, while there are few website builders who aim at true professionals and web designers, there are also few that aim towards the inexperienced with coding and web designing.

The website; http://www.wix.com/ has been in existence since the year 2005 and has remained one of the most popular online tools. Today, it is mainly an HTML5 website builder that gives room for the user to create amazing websites irrespective of how good the user is at coding and web designing.

It is an interesting package, as it allows every user to build incredible websites that will make everyone think you spent a fortune building and designing it or rather done by a true professional web designer. It features stunning templates that gives a good result of a website well designed. It is a wonderful website builder owing to the fact that it allows users operates as drag and drop website builders. It only requires the user drag and drop elements on his or her website. This is regarded the best use of the drag and drop technology.

Another interesting thing about Wix is that the Wix community is always available to help users with any issues. They also help users develop applications that they can add to their websites that can make their website more incredible and more efficient than ever. When it comes to SEO, wix is the best as the HTML5 technology handles SEO efficiently. It is also interesting that you can learn with wix, try it out for free and create a website without spending a dime.