White Pages

white pagesWhitepages is one of the modern online platforms that has helped people from different parts of the world connect with the rest of the world with a click of the mouse. Founded in 1997, the whitepages website has continued to serve people from different people to network with others who share the same interests with them on a number of issues.

Whitepages was founded by Alex Algard in his Stanford dorm room with a vision to help people find new friends, connect and be found by others. From inception till now, this platform has remained the most reliable and reputable provider of contact information in North America.

This platform boasts of 40 web properties, 10 top ranking mobile apps, and a client base of well over 50 million per month. Whitepages injects billions of records and contact information into their phonebook from a wide variety of public sources. This efficient platform organizes data by linking individual records to create an intricate graph of names, phone numbers and addresses. This intricate and well-constructed graph gives users the chance to access the most accurate and reliable information and data of people in different cities in North America.

The robust dataset found on www.whitepages.com have helped build very innovative and award winning apps which enables millions of web users from different parts of the world to locate people and places they might be interested in very easily. This dataset equally enables users manage their communication, block spam and incoming text messages and calls.

Their offices are filled with very bright, innovative and committed individuals who are trained to help people and businesses find, be found, and easily connect with the rest of the world. The whitepages personnel are known for their intense passion for what they do.