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TwistyNoodle offers parents and teachers the chance to use coloring pages and worksheets to teach their children on a wide variety of topics which children might have interests in. TwistyNoodle can be used for music, wildlife, sports, etc. This site offers parents and teachers helpful and useful tools to carry out educative tasks such as customizing worksheets for any kind of activity or subject. TwistyNoodle helps parents save money on all the coloring books they would have bought for their kids. With TwistyNoodle, all you need to do is to print out coloring pages or worksheets your kids love working on.

The Benefits

With the ever growing use of the internet for a wide variety of purposes, parents are always faced with the challenge of protecting their kids against exposure to unhealthy online contents. There are quite a few safe and friendly educational sites for kids on the internet and twisty noodle happens to be one of them. This simple and easily understood site has a link to very useful advice on parenting and another link to a math worksheet for kids of different ages.

One major demerit associated with is that it was not designed for any particular age bracket, but can be used by kids of all ages, parents as well as teachers.

Since it was created and launched in 2010 by Nicola Kramer and Mark Kramer, TwistyNoodle has always been very useful to young children and their teachers for learning different subjects. It provides a very viable alternative for the traditional reading and writing. It is very effective for developing motor skills in kids like coloring and writing. With TwistyNoodle, teaching kids becomes much fun both in school and at home. Its simple navigation makes it easily understood by everyone who wishes to teach kids on any topic.

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