Smart Checkbook


Smart Checkbook

Smart Checkbook offers you free register management solutions, making the management of your personal data a very easy task. It offers daily entry and automatic balance features, which ensures you never bounce a check ever again. When you use Smart Checkbook, you don’t have to read manuals and you don’t need to be a computer expert before you can manage your checkbook effectively.

The site’s unique design and easy navigation will ensure you find your way around our checkbook management tool without much fuss. No matter the number of accounts you wish to track and, and the system you wish to adopt for tracking them, you can find everything you need at The site offers you different graphs that show you different rankings like traffic rank which shows daily global traffic ranking for 3 months. Below are some features offered by Smart Checkbook to its users.

The daily reach which shows the estimated percentage of internet people from different parts of the world who visit the site for three months.

Daily pageviews shows what the website receives in 30 days.

Daily pageview per user shows the number of pages viewed per visitor in the last 30 days.

Time on site shows the number of minutes spent on the site by each site visitor for the last 30 days.

Bounce Rate which represents the percentage of visits to a single page and who later exits the website or goes to a different URL in the address bar of the browser.

Search visits shows the percentage of traffic generated by the major search engines to the website in a given month.

Unique Visitor Graph shows the number of unique visitors that visit the site each month from the United States. No matter the number of times you visit the site in a month, your visit will only be recorded once.