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Remember the Milk is an application designed to run both online and offline. It has become the most popular to do list app today. It is a service provider that allows its users to manage tasks from their personal or business computers as well as smartphones, web.

Initially, it was created by a two-Australian companies, but it now has contributions from other countries. This application is very popular and is used by many. Researches have shown that as of the early year of 2011, over two million users are known and in the middle of the year, the number of users rose to two million five hundred thousand users. The number of users has tremendously increased since then.

Remember the Milk is designed to allow users create multiple tasks to do list. It works in such a way that tasks added are editable so as to include important fields like locations. It also comes with another feature known as the Google maps. This feature allows users to save the most frequent used location. Cases whereby tasks are postponed as a result of reschedule, remember the milk informs the users of the number of times a particular task has been postponed.

The popular to do list also offers integration with Microsoft outlook, Gmail and many other services. Users are allowed to subscribe in order to sync among multiple devices for many times a day. In summary, you can use it to manage tasks quickly and easily. It has an intuitive interface that makes it work quickly and easily. With this app, users can create as many lists as possible. Lastly, you can also make use of this app to plan your days, weeks and months. With this, you can postpone with ease. Learn more from;