Redbooth is one of the most important collaboration tools out there on the internet for business and individuals. Collaboration is the main keyword any day, and this has been further proved by its recent collaboration with Barracuda’s industry leading storage and eSignature solutions. The integration of Barracuda’s eSignature solutions with the Redbooth inclusive platform enables organizations and teams to sign contracts, documents, etc. as well as store them. This leads to enhanced productivity of Redbooth users.  Some important features found on

SignNow Adds E-signature Capability to Redbooth.

 The major question that comes to mind when talking about Redbooth integration is where the new integration comes in to play. It comes in to play in everything ranging from new employee onboarding, to employee, and to contractors non-disclosure agreements. Redbooth allows you to move all your workflow online, thus streamlining your efforts rather than mailing out loads of paper which would require manual reviews and indefinite physical storage in your office spaces.

Using eSignNow will enable you attach your system of record signed documents to conversations or tasks. This increases your productivity and makes the documents easily discoverable when there is need for referencing. Several organizations utilize this feature to get things done easily and capture organizational learning.

Copy ads and flexibility to your cloud storage

There can never be enough cloud storage space. The inclusion of Copy as another aspect of Redbooth file storage integration and gives you flexibility, as well as a solution with the best possible privacy controls and security. Copy files are stored in servers they manage and control. As a Redbooth user, you are entitled to 100GB of free storage when you become a copy subscriber. SignNow and Copy are both aimed at helping every Redbooth user increase their workflow. The integration of these great collaboration tools will see you streamlining your workflow very effectively.