oandaOANDA Currency Converter

OANDA Currency Converter is an online tool used in conversion of one currency to the other. It has its own conversion rates known as the OANDA rates. Many major corporations, tax authorities, auditing firms as well as many individuals make use of this tool worldwide. Many accounting firms as well as financial institutions and global shipping companies also make use of the OANDA rate data as their source of authoritative currency source for their office operations or/and business websites.

It is advisable to use this currency converter for your own website if you are yet to start making use of it as it is more reliable and trusted by most individuals. It is free to use. With this useful tool on your business website, site visitors can enter values and be able to calculate exchange rates from one currency or metal to the other.

Take for example; OANDA currency converter can make currency conversion from United States dollar currency to euro currency or from any currency of your choice to another. Another feature of this online tool is that it is possible to create up to 10 customized widgets in order to address different requirements across your website.

Any user can change his or her customizations at any time with no code updates required. This is why it is easy to use. It supports Multilanguage and therefore website visitors can choose from any 13 languages available. Work with your own taste by choosing varieties of layouts and styles. With this option, the user can choose and customize his or her choice of themes and colors that can match the user’s website. Visit http://www.oanda.com/currency/converter/ to start enjoying these features today.