Natural Reader

naturalreaderNatural Reader

Natural reader is text to speech software that comes with natural sounding voices. It is very easy to use and converts any written text into spoken words. For example: any written word like PDF files, MS word, emails, webpage etc. can be converted to spoken works so you can hear and understand it. It can also convert all written text into audio files for CD players. Natural reader has many benefits that it offers to many individuals. It helps keep the eyes healthy as it reduces eyestrain as a result of excessive reading. Since this text to speech software is capable of converting any written text to spoken voices or audio files, there is no need straining your eyes.

With this software, you can save your eyes the strain and make your reading more fun. Students are very used to this software as they use it to listen to their class notes and text books. The fact is that, natural reader software has made education very easy. It has in a big way helped students with learning difficulties by improving their both spelling and reading skills.

Hearing rather than reading has really helped the dyslexic, especially, as they hear and see the words highlighted on the screen. Another serious problem with individuals who have dyslexia is spelling but with this software, they can type the words, hear it and at the same time check it (proofread) learning.

It is a lot easier listening to your class notes and text books than going through the stress of reading it. It is an effective tool for learning English, proofreading a written work because you hear it, see it and read it. Visit