Google Translate


Google Translate

Google Translate; what it is?

This is a free language translation tool by Google which offers you the chance to translate dozens of languages instantly. Google Translate can translate words, sentences, and complete articles such as press releases, web contents, academic works, etc. from one language to another provided the languages are among the Google supported languages. Google Translate was designed with the sole aim of making all information global accessible irrespective of language differences. This free multilingual tool has been integrated into browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome for easy translations of your web contents. There is also a downloadable version for your Android devices.

How it works

The mode of operation of this great Google tool is by generating translations for your contents through the statistical machine translation method. This method tries to detect patterns and styles in documents that were translated by human translators, making it very brilliant guesses as regards to what an accurate translation ought to be. However, all translations are not quite accurate since they are generated by machines. The more Google Translate can analyze human-translated documents in a given language, the more efficient the translation will turn out to be. This explains the variation in translation accuracy experienced with different languages.


Google Translate supports the instant translation of well over 60 languages. It gives you the opportunity to add a translation feature on your website which helps customize and translate your web pages into different languages. It enables you to gather and use translation suggestions from your subscribers. It gives you the chance to invite editors and manage your translations. With this instant translator, your website can be made to be available in over 60 different languages instantly. You can easily add the Google Translator plugin to your website to give your business a global relevance easily and quickly. To learn more click the link;