Dutch Digital Unit Converter

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The Dutch Digital Unit Converter is a tool that converts angle, area, bits and bytes, density, energy, force, fuel consumption, volume, temperature, time, electric current, length, mass, power, speed and pressure unit. Dutch Digital Unit Converter helps you make numerous conversions of parameters to different units. It can convert acceleration to different acceleration units such as g-unit, meter per square second and many more.

For the angles, there is possible conversion from gradients to radians, to degrees, minutes, seconds, points and a lot more. It can also convert from density to kilogram per cubic meter, aluminum, copper, gold, water etc.; then energy in joules, calories, electron volt, erg, watt hour, thermo, toe, and to any more energy units.

There are many flow rate conversions in mass based, volume based, mole based etc. Dutch Digital Unit Converter helps convert force units in dyne, gram force, pounds, Newton, pounds, kilogram meter force etc. Conversions that involve length and distances have many units and this online tool has the ability of converting one unit to the other.

Their units include millimeters, centimeters, inches, feet, yards, meters, kilometers, miles, mils, rods, fathoms, nautical miles and many more. The units of pressure available in Dutch Digital Unit Converter include dyne per square centimeter, Pascal, poundal per square, foot, Torr, inch water, inch mercury etc. For the units of speed, available are mach, feet per second, feet per minute, miles per hour, knots, centimeter per second, meters per second etc.

Temperature can be converted to any of the temperature units: Celsius, rankine, Reaumur, Kelvin and Fahrenheit. The convertible volume units include in liters, fluid ounces, pints, gallons, barrels, quarts, milliliter per cc, gill, hogshead etc. Weight and mass units are kilograms, ounces, troy pounds, stones, pounds, tons etc. Visit http://www.digitaldutch.com/unitconverter/ to start using this tool today.