Crime Reports By City


Crime Reports By City

Crime reports is a platform designed to help prevent, solve, and reduce crime to the barest minimum. With very easy-to-use and cloud-based solutions, crime analysis is facilitated, public engagement is increased, and actionable intelligence supplied by the use of this platform.

On this platform, you will find products such as:

1.CrimeReports which is known to be the most popular and efficient crime mapping solution found anywhere in the world today.

2. CommandCentral which is a very rich, affordable and intuitive data visualization and crime analytics engine.

3. P TipSoft which is known to be the most famous and most widely accepted anonymous crime tip submission and management platform in the industry today.

The PublicEngine found on the crime report platform serves more than 2, 500 customers from different parts of the world. CrimeReports collaborates with thousands of law-enforcement agencies to help prevent, reduce, and solve crime by making it possible for law enforcement agents to easily open and manage a very controlled dialog with citizens. At, you will find lots of online tools that help the fight against crime which include a public crime map, alert messaging, anonymous tipping and data analytics. Crime Reports was founded by Scott Petty, who was the director of vSpring Capital. Scott brought his several years of experience with crime consulting and IT firms into crime reports. Crime reports uses the most modern technologies to invent tools and apps that help in community policing, monitoring and reporting crimes in the neighborhood. One of such very efficient apps found on the crime reports platform is the iphone application which has been used successfully by law enforcement agents to improve community awareness and reduce crime. With the crime reports mobile apps, you get unrestricted access to important information on security and crime in your immediate environment.