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Get City Data at is a social networking site based in Illinois which provides important information on different US states. The Advameg Inc. operated social media is ranked as the 72nd largest website in the U.S. It is estimated that about 13 million people visit the website every month.

Since it was launched in 2003, City-Data has continued to make important information about all U.S. states available which can be easily accessed on  Information that can be found on this website ranges from; maps, education, weather, income, race, air pollution, religions, housing, maps, crime, etc. All U.S. counties, zip codes, cities, count are profiled and compared and neighborhoods.  You can find all kinds of information on all kinds of topics of local interests such; local businesses, restaurant inspection finding, building permits, hospitals, libraries, bridge conditions, schools and their demographics, hotels, airports,  water systems, cell phone towers, property tax assessments, etc.

The site allows all visitors to get home value estimates, see recent homes sales, and search for well over 14 million businesses. Additionally, the site contains several tools, like a feature that measures gasoline usage when you are embarking on a trip as well as a mortgage calculator.

There are several forums you can join on and access over 23 million posts made by the sites’ 1, 300,000 registered members. Several people have benefited from the posts made on these forums since 2005. In 2010, there was a post on the people Search forum, which helped reunite a mother and her son 17 years after the son was kidnapped.

No other site contains the number of photos on different U.S. cities found on There are well over 74, 000 city photos to help anyone in search of information and ideas about any city in the United States. is your one-stop site for all important information on places, trends, ideas, changes, etc. on a number of topics.