Anyvite – Online Invitations

anyviteAnyvite – Online Invitations

Anyvite is a free site designed for event online invitation creation and group organization. It was launched in the year 2008. It provides its users with the most excellent way to create online invitations for any type of event. It also provides the necessary tools for communicating with the guests who are to attend the event as long as the event lasts.

Event creation should not be stressful; rather it should be very simple, easy and should as well produce good results. Anyvite features many designs that assist the user in customizing his or her invitation. The user can choose any of the provided designs or create his or her taste designs by searching Flickr, uploading picture or choosing a pattern or color that suits the event.

The user can create an online invitation by entering the title of the event and little information with invitation customization of the user’s choice. The app comes with a “search for location” option that allows the user choose possible locations for the event. Automatically, the user can add the location address of the chosen venue.

Anyvite has guest list option which helps the user in choosing who to see the guest list, when the invited receives reminders and many other options for the user’s invitation. Anyvite also features public invitations. The user planning an event can now invite guests to his or her events by choosing to add guests from his or her email address books. Also, Anyvite allows users manage invitation pictures and videos by allowing guests to add their own pictures and video to the invitation.

After creating the online invitation, the guest list can be exported in either Excel or CSVformat. Then, the user can now send messages to the guests. You can learn more from